Serman Brands Leather RFID Blocking Wallet Review

Little known company, Serman Brands, recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign for this leather RFID blocking wallet. While I was not a backer, Serman Brands was kind enough offer me a wallet for testing and review purposes. The RFID-blocking wallets have always intrigued me but I already have a perfectly good wallet that I already never carry. I never carry my wallet because there is too much crap in it. Receipts, pictures, business cards, and discount cards are among the useless items cluttering up my wallet. I hate the bulk and am more of a minimalist so Serman Brand’s design seems well-suited to me.


I have been seeing wallets that block RFID theft for quite a few years now. One of the most effective blocking methods is supposedly just carrying an Altoids tin around in which to keep your credit cards. Other sources suggest wrapping them in foil. No thanks. To me, the retail solutions always look like they are bulky, made of metal, or just plain gaudy. Is there a point to carrying one anyway? What exactly are you blocking?


All new credit and debit cards have that little gold chip on them now. I think that most people believe that to be what they are blocking the nefarious hackers from accessing. Unfortunately, it’s not. The gold chips are actually EMV chips and require contact to transmit any data. That’s not to say that in the future a hacker won’t be able to snag your data from a few feet away, but for now you’re safe. RFID chips only require a hacker to brush against you to steal data with an NFC device and that is what these wallets block. RFID cards are the tap and pay cards and their really aren’t that many of them. I have only one but I wager that most have none. How do you know if you have one? It will have a symbol on it that looks like a signal indicator; not the gold chip.


This is actually the first leather RFID blocking wallet that I have ever seen. The wallet came packaged in a simple box. Inside the box, it was wrapped in a velour bag with a drawstring. Some of my favor things in life come packaged in a velour bag. The first thing I noticed when I pulled it out of the bag is the feeling of the leather. It has a tactile softness to it, unlike the leather on my couch, which is bonded-leather because I can’t afford anything nicer. The design is phenomenally simple and the quality of the leather is some of the best I have ever owned. There are no pocket for bills, which is what usually generates a lot of bulk for wallets. Instead, they’ve put a money clip device inside to hold your bills. There’s a secret pocket to keep cards you don’t often use and an outer pocket that keeps the card you most frequently use. The color of the wallet I was sent is Dark Caramel and I love it.



The simplicity of the wallet gives me an excuse to not carry pictures and cards around that bulk up my wallet. Pictures in the wallet are a thing of the past anyhow; pictures are on phones. Given it’s simplicity and the suppleness of the leather, I would have purchased this wallet for this price without the RFID blocking technology. However, having the RFID blocking feature is a nice bonus for my ease of mind. I expected to review it and set it aside, but it has impressed me enough to become my everyday carry wallet. If you want to snag one, Amazon is the place to go.


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