Inaugural Blog Post

What is this page about?

This is the Inaugural Blog Post for the localAdminWrites blog. The point of this blog will be to serve as personal blog for many things that interest me. My posts will often be related to tech, but that’s not a strict rule I am going to follow. As an exercise to hone my analytical and writing skills I will often be writing reviews of products I have purchased, books I have read, or TV shows/movies I have watched. It is also going to give me a excuse to stay brushed up on all of the skills that come with operating a website like security, backups, search engine optimization, design, and more. Search engine optimization is one thing I am learning a lot about right now. There is an incredible resource for this that I am going through right now over at yoast.

What does the name mean?

Local Admin Writes is a play on the technical term Local Admin Rights. Local Admin Rights give people the access to do anything on their computers. In general, you have local administrative rights on your home computer, but at work it is highly likely that you don’t. This is so IT can keep policies in place for security’s sake. Even IT workers won’t have administrator rights on their work computers. Generally they use an admin account that is kept separate from the account that they use to sign into their computer. If they need to make changes on their computer, they will elevate their privileges using their admin account for security and tracking purposes. If you need to install something on your work computer and IT has to come (or remotely) make that change they will be doing it in that same way.


Thanks for taking the time to read my inaugural blog post. Please follow my blog, share it, and your thoughts. I will engage in any discussion.